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Relax and rejuvenate your body and mind with a variety of massage treatments. Nourishing massage oils and the added benefits of aromatherapy, salts or hot stones ensure a truly de-stressing and renewing experience. Available in 30, 45, 60, 75 or 90 minute sessions.

45 minutes ... $65
60 minutes ... $80 
75 minutes...  $90
90 minutes ... $105

Hot Stone Massage:  This treatment utilizes hot basalt stones and aromatic oils that glide along the body, utilizing unique movements to massage out tension and stress in the muscles (combination of relaxation massage and hot stone therapy). 80 minute session ... $120

We also offer prenatal massages for an additional charge of $15 

Express Your Face: Facials

Health & Wellness Facial:  A relaxing facial tailored specifically to your skin type!  45 minute session.... $80

Infrared Facial: Relax under an infrared panel while the mask chosen specifically for your skin penetrates deeper than ever before. 60 minute session... $85

Microdermabrasion: Diminish dry skin, fine lines, and impurities with Microdermabrasion.  60 minute session ... $115.00 

Dr. Belter Specialized Facial: 90 minute session ... $135

Pure Phyto Collagen Facial Treatment
Repair, calm, and heal scarred or aging sensitive skin

Daydream Silk Facial Treatment
Relax, hydrate, and soothe sensitive skin

Thermo Modelage Facial Treatment
Lift, firm, and hydrate aging skin

Cocoon Stem Cell Treatment
Intense repair for ageing skin

Pure Collagen Facial Treatment
Sensitive, rosaea or scarred Skin

Cold Laser Facial: 90 minute session ... $150
Discover the power of light with the state-of-the-art technology, utilizing microdermabrasion and light therapy to reduce fine linesand wrinkles without the pain, tissue damage, and downtime associated with medical laser treatments. This treatment is also great for brightening and healing couperose-prone skin.

(additional minutes available, $5/minute)

Add Cold Light to any faical for $3 per minute for a limited time 

Add a freeze dried collagen Mask to any facial for $30

Deep Pore Cleansing Treatment

Deep Pore Cleansing Treatment is suitable for all ages with problematic skin. Designed specifically to treat acne and blemished skin while preventing future breakouts.  75 minute session ... $125.00  |  Package of 3 ... $318.00

Anti Aging Treatment

This Anti Aging Treatment is rich in trace elements and minerals derived from moor, algae and herbs to intensely nourish your skin, heal irritation, re-mineralize and boost cell metabolism. 75 minute session $125.00 | Package of 3 $318.00

Pedicures & Manicures

Relaxing Manicure:  To begin, your nails and cuticles are shaped and buffed to perfection and treated with cutile oil.Then enjoy a relaxing hand massage with a sugar scrub to exfoliate and body butter to lock in moisture followed by a polish aplication... $45

Relaxing Pedicure:  After a warm soak, your nails and cuticles are shaped and buffed to perfection. Enjoy a leg and foot massage with a sugar scrub to exfoliate and body butter to lock in moisture. Treatment includes foot paddling and nail polish application. 60 minute session ... $60.00

Deluxe Pedicure: After a warm soak, your nails and cuticles are shaped and buffed to perfection. Enjoy a long leg and foot massage with a sugar scrub to exfoliate and body butter to lock in moisture followed by warm paraffin wax. Treatment includes foot paddling and nail polish application. 90 minute session ... $75.00

Relaxing Hot Stone Pedicure:  Relax in aroma waters with Sea Salt scrub for detoxification. Enjoy a 15 minute hot stone foot massage complete with pedicure and nail polish. 90 minute session ... $90.00

Foot Detox Machine Treatments:  The Foot Detox treatment is a safe, straightforward process that involves immersing one's feet in a water filled basin in order to help detoxify the body. While immersing your feet in the water, a series of timed positive and negative ions are emitted by the Sea Breeze Foot Detox machine, invigorating, re-conditioning and synchronizing the body's natural ionic flow. This results in your body detoxing safely at it's own pace. This detoxification happens mainly after the treatment and is likely via the organs of detoxification (i.e. kidneys, liver and skin). The best results are achieved through a 30 minute detox program.  $30/single 30 minute treatment  |  $150/five 30 minute treatments

Add Gel Polish to your Manicure or Pedicure for only $15

NEW SERVICE! Now offering Gel Nails!

Full Set of Gel Nails $75

Nail Fill $ 65


Body & Sole: Relax from head to toe with a 60 mintute massage from head to toe, followed by a 60 minture pedicure with parrafin wax. Relax your body, mind, snd sole!  ... $120

Relaxing Mani-Pedi Combo:  Relax in aroma waters with Sea Salt scrub for detoxification. Have your hands submerged in warm relaxing oil to soften your skin. Enjoy a 15 minute foot massage complete with pedicure and nail polish. A 15 minute hand and arm massage, manicure and application of nail polish soothes and completes!  120 minute session ... $120

Spa Add-ons ... 15 minutes

  Choose from: scalp massage, foot massage, hand massage.localized microdermabrasion, serum application, eye and lip mask} ... $20

  Add on paraffin wax for hands, paraffin wax for feet... $5 

HB Health & Body Wellness & Spa utilizes health conscious products in our services.  All prices subject to change without notice. Applicable taxes not included. Cancelation fees may apply to certain services, please ask us for further details.  PLEASE NOTE: For the comfort of our other customers, we ask that you arrange for child minding services during your scheduled appointment.

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